Who is eat.lk

We are a team of young entrepreneurs who belives that ordering food in Colombo shuld be easy. Eat.lk was founder in September 2013.

Eat.lk Food Delivery

Ether if its Lunch , Dinner, Cakes our vision is that we shuld be able to provide a good selection of restaurants and bakeries that can provide you with food and cakes whenever you wants from 07 00 to 22 00, Depending on each restaurants opening hours.

Delivery fees
Restaurant Menu

Most of the restaurants prices are exactly the same as if you would go in to the restaurant directly and order.
However in some cases a 10 % extra added charge for Packaging for the home delivery is added.


Eat.lk does not charge any delivery fee. We are only the middle hand betwin you as customer and restaurant. The fee is clearly stated in your bill how much you need to pay to the restaurant or 365 delivery service Any complains regarding the food or the delivery service will be forwarded to the partners to resolve the issue.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding our service let us know